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We are dedicated to optimizing, defending and perpetuating enterprise value, focusing on core areas of expertise:
Strategic and operational consulting to help both healthy and distressed companies to focus on growing and improving performance/profitability,

Crisis management and advice to distressed companies to improve economic performance through fiduciary and operational efficiency and sustainability with focus on cash flow, assets management, survival and stabilization,

Focus on the right hand side of the Balance Sheet for Companies, Creditors, Owners, Buyers, and the Community, and provide financial, operational and administrative restructuring and new capital.

Our professionals combine functional expertise with deep industry knowledge rooted in first-hand experience across a range of for profit and not for profit industries including:

  • Gaming, Hospitality
  • Food and Beverage
  • Manufacturing, Healthcare, Contracting. Distribution
  • Vulnerability, Threat and Risk Assessment
  • Business and Consumer Services
  • Government (Classified)
  • Government (Non Profit)
  • Restaurants (Gourmet and Franchise)

Our ability to manage stakeholder relationships – to navigate through conflict, to reconcile differences, to engage and mobilize people and to secure buy-in, sets us apart and secures exceptional and lasting change for our Clients. We help Clients achieve the best possible outcome in the shortest possible time with minimum disruption and maximum sustainability


  • Complete design concepts
  • Floor Layouts
  • Table Game Design
  • GAME SECURITY (To increase hold percentage, decrease theft and insure proper ratings)
  • Slot Games Design,Denomination Allocation
  • Designating Proper Games / Slot Mix
  • Slot Stands
  • Slot Carousels
  • Evaluate Casino revenue
  • Evaluate Staffing
  • Review all Signage
  • Evaluate all Policies and Procedures
  • Evaluate all Security and Surveillance Systems
  • Evaluate all IT Systems for compatibility and upgradability
  • Review Competition
  • Create realistic Budgets and Goals


We specialize in the set-up, reorganization and facilitation of:

  • Player Development
  • Special Events, Promotions and Entertainment
  • Database (Direct) Marketing
  • Forecasting
  • Enhanced CUSTOMER experience
  • Cost Effective Advertising which capitalizes on present markets to accentuate ROI
  • Web design, organization and maintenance to enhance the organizations presence
  • Logo design
  • Transitional unification of marketing entities across facilities and organization’s Brand
  • National (Junket) Marketing
  • Enhance market share
  • Create a positive, nurturing atmosphere
  • Mentoring of staff and organization
  • Train team members to expand market share and brand loyalty
  • Monitoring, mentoring and evaluating the team members’ progress and allocate responsibilities accordingly
  • Oversee the allocation of room and suite requests for entire property / organization
  • Create and execute marketing strategies and goals
  • Administer individual Player Tracking Systems
  • Market research and development
  • Extensive follow-up to ensure the realization of their full potential